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Resources for Libraries.

OpenOffice Label Templates using tables is much nicer to work with than the built in label wizard. Below are some links to common labels:
  1. click Format=>Page=>Page and set the Left,Right,Top,Bottom margins to match the margins on your label paper. Then click OK.
    1. NOTE: sometimes you need to make the bottom margin and the font at the bottom of the labels smaller to make it fit on one page.
  2. click Table=>Insert=>Table and match the number of columns and rows to match your label paper. Then click OK.
  3. click Table=>Select=>Column
  4. click Table=>Autofit=>Row Height and set the hight to match the height of each label. Uncheck "Fit to size"
  5. click File=>Save As and set your "File Type" to "ODF Text Document Template" - then give it a name and save it.
To rotate text inside a label you can either:
  1. Press "Enter" after each letter
    1. OR "Shift" + "Enter" after each letter.
  2. click Format=>Character=>Position and set it to 90 degrees.